First-generation Student Links

October 7, 2014As QuestBridge expands at Columbia, scholars see community as essential support network by Giulia Olsson

This article discusses the role of Questbridge on the Columbia University campus and the support for low-income students.

October 7, 2014SOLIS: A New Support Group for Low-Income Students by Leon Chen

The new group for low-income students at Swarthmore has gotten some attention from their school newspaper. I’ll be dedicating a separate post to Swarthmore students sometime soon.

October 7, 2014Financial aid lags behind other schools by Sarah Manhardt

My alma mater! This article discusses the recent No Barriers financial aid initiative and how the University is lagging behind peer institutions in economic diversity and accessibility for low-income students. Though I’m not sure the U of C is behind in accessibility of its financial aid office (I wouldn’t count on other schools being better), the article does highlight the low percentage of Pell Grant recipients. It doesn’t focus as much on the need for more support and programming during college, but the financial aspect is always the most alluring for the press. I’ll be dedicating a post at one point to analyzing the U of C as it relates to low-income students. It will be a long one!


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