First-generation Student Links

October 9, 2014: When is a student ‘First-generation’? Words fail us by Beckie Supiano

This article focuses on the often confusing definition of “first-generation.” While some define it as a student with parents that never completed college, others say it’s a student with parents that never attended college. I know some people want a set definition, but I think there should be varying levels of what first-generation means. Not all students that exhibit typical first-generation characteristics will fit into an ideal definition.

Chronicle locked the article to subscribers, but thought it was worth sharing. I was able to read it on my mobile device. 

October 10, 2014: More Barriers by Chicago Maroon Editorial Board

Another article from my alma mater! The editorial board of the school paper is indicating that the University’s new financial aid initiative doesn’t mean inclusivity for current low-income students. They detail changes that could be made, some my group has been bringing up for years. I’d like to think my group had something to do with the momentum!


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