First-Gen Media

Over the past few years, I have collected various articles on different schools and their first-generation programs and issues. Here is a comprehensive list.


Colleges try to meet needs of first-generation students

University of Michigan

First-generation college students at the University Michigan share their stories


Tommy Lee Woon appointed director of diversity and first-gen programs

Stanford students help smooth the path for incoming first-gen, low-income arrivals

University of Chicago

First come, last served

Northwestern University

Northwestern creates new office for low-income, first-generation students

Brown University

First-gens lack increased support as numbers rise

Georgetown University

Georgetown U. Builds a Student-Support System to Substitute for Privilege

Tufts University

Making the path as they walk 

Vanderbilt University

What it’s like to be the first person in your family to go to college 

Princeton University

Being First: Part One

Being First: Part Two

The Invisible Minority

Can we welcome the students we say we want?

Yale University

Easing the transition to Yale

Bridging the gap

Columbia University

First and Foremost

Duke University

New position created to support first-generation students 

Blazing a trail

Whitman College

Faculty embrace first-generation safe zone posters

Invisible Category: First-Generation Students at Whitman Face Unique Challenges

Macalester College


Swarthmore College

New group to provide support for low-income students

Vassar College

Transitions: Avoiding the College “Culture Shock”

Grinnell College

First in your family 

Williams College

Rosanna Reyes brings first-generation focus to Deans’ office

Wesleyan University

Why a first-generation college student coalition is needed

I’m First: Talking about class issues

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