My Work

I’ve included some articles and posts I’ve written or been mentioned in, as it relates to my work at the U of C:

First Come, Last Served by Lynda Lopez

Being a Low-Income, First-Generation Student at an Elite College by Lynda Lopez

Media about my group

O-Week 2013: Student Activism 

New RSO Lays Out Class Divide

“Class Confessions” launch Socioeconomic Discussion on Campus

O-Issue 2014: Managing your money

Financial aid lags behind other schools

More Barriers

First-generation issues in focus 

First-Generation Students Unite

First-generation mentoring program to launch in January

IHC exploring possibility of extending dining hall hours

Stories of low-income students appear around Univ. during prospie week

Maroon SDA 2015

Free Passage 

Setting the table 

University piloting Saturday meal plan 

Making success affordable 

College enhances support for first-generation students 

University announces two new programs for low-income students

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